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A B2B travel company for Pantanal & Bonito providing a wide range of travel services and itineraries focused on quality and travelers’ experiences.



The Pantanal is the world’s largest wetlands and one of the most biodiverse environments on Earth. Formed by a mosaic of aquatic and terrestrial systems and home for a diverse and immense amount of wildlife only comparable to the savannas in Africa, the Pantanal is an exceptional destination for many different trip interests related to nature and outdoors. Wildlife tours, photography, birdwatching, horse riding, family trips, food & culture and soft adventure are just some of them.

Located right next to Serra da Bodoquena National Park, Bonito shelters numerous caves, waterfalls, crystal-clear water’s rivers and pristine nature. The region is well-structured and offers over 40 tours related to ecotourism and soft adventure, including snorkeling tours, cave explorations, walking tours, birdwatching, white water rafting, canopy walk, scuba diving and others. Bonito has been elected the leading ecotourism destination in Brazil for 16 times and is truly a paradise for nature lovers.

Home for the largest biodiversity on the planet, Brazil is also a multifaceted country celebrated for its vibrant culture, people, gastronomy, major natural wonders and scenic landscapes. In addition to Pantanal & Bonito, Bravo Brazil Expeditions also puts its expertise on to create and operate outstanding itineraries at other amazing travel destinations in Brazil, including the Amazon, North East and South Brazil.


Rua Santa Catarina nº89, Coronel Antonino - Campo Grande/Mato Grosso do Sul

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