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Sport Fishing


Bravo’s trips & expeditions present terrific Brazil fishing in magnificent environments bursting with amazing nature, wildlife and marvelous landscapes.  Whether boat or lodge-based, our operations join the best selected fishing spots and truly experienced guides to excellent accommodations, superb food and high-quality services. Fisherman can expect lots of strikes per day and definitely great fun. Come to a Brazil fishing trip.

Dorado (Salminus maxillosus) – known as the “King of the River” in Brazil, the Dorado is considered as one of the most powerful and challenging game fish on Earth. With a beautiful bright golden color, destructive jaw and sharp teeth, the Dorado is an extraordinarily rapid predator and may range from 3 to 45 pounds. Ferocious fighters, Dorados aggressively attack flies and lures, running heavy and exploding on acrobatic and relentless jumps when hooked. All these qualities make the Dorado an exceptional sport fish in Brazil which must be attempted by anyone who is keen on fishing.

Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing

Peacock bass – belonging to the Chiclidae family, there are fourteen documented species of peacock bass in the Amazon. Locally known as tucunaré, the peacock bass is a legendary sport fish, a tough hard-hitting dude which attracts fisherman from all over the world. Rising up to 27 pounds, the peacock bass has vibrant colors and voracious appetite, chasing down prays and protecting their territory in a hostile way. On flies and lures, they provide furious strikes and hard fights, marked by explosive acrobatic jumps and line-stripping runs. The peacock basses are outstanding opponents and considered by many as the ultimate freshwater sport fish.
Beside those major species, in both the Pantanal and Amazon fisherman can expect to catch many other exotic species. Check out for the complete fish lists of each destination at Special Features in our website.