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Iguassu Falls


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Iguassu Falls

Indigenous background

Iguassu Falls hosts the Milestone of triple border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Therefore, the culture of this region is influenced by 3 nations, presenting hybrid characteristics, which make it a unique cultural site in South America. 


The indigenous Guarani were the first inhabitants from this region, and suffered immensely with the Spanish and Portuguese invasion, losing much of its population and social characteristics. The remaining population of Guarani people is still around and expresses its presence through handcrafts, gastronomy, music and dances. 

Iguassu Falls

Iguassu Falls

Iguassu Falls

Iguassu Falls gastronomy

Gastronomy is always a great add-on in our trips. There is a wide range of regional dishes to be savored at Iguassu Falls / Iguazu Falls, as the traditional Pintado na Telha, a delicious Brazilian fresh water fish served on roof tile, and the Porco à Paraguaia (Paraguayan-style Pork), which was introduced in Brazil by the Paraguayan troops during the Triple Alliance War in the 19th century.

Cultural shows

Some restaurants in Iguassu serve dinner with regional cuisine added by cultural shows & performances including music and traditional dances. This can be an interesting experience for visitors who spend short period in Iguassu and wish know more of Brazilian culture.

Iguassu Falls

Jesuitic Missions

Members of a religious order of the Catholic Church, the Jesuits took part in the foundation of several cities in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. The fight against Indian slavery was one of their most important contributions. To protect the indigenous people, they build villages to settle tribes that lived in large territories, and have done an extensive work in the educational, social and agricultural fields, but strongly linked with Catholicism principles. 
The Jesuitic Missions are one of the most interesting historical sites to be visited in South America, and Iguassu Falls is located at the center of the Jesuitic Missions in South America, so truly a strategic location to explore this amazing part of South American history for those who like it.   

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